DRP Genji Frame

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The Genji 5 is a drop deck 5” freestyle FPV frame with replaceable arms. It has a motor-to-motor distance of 240 mm, weighs 120 g and fits full size FPV cameras like the Foxeer Monster and the Runcam Eagle 2.


When we were designing this frame, we had two things in mind: strength and balance.


The Genji is a very strong frame. We have put it through countless crash tests, and it survived without any problems. Concrete, trees, rocks, you name it. This is all thanks to the beefy 2 mm body plates and thick 4 mm arms, as well as the thought out design.


This frame is also well balanced.Thanks to the drop deck design, the battery sits right at the thrust line. Having the centre of gravity close to the centre of thrust gives a major improvement in flight performance, and this is very noticeable on the Genji. As a result, PID tuning is easy, and propwash is barely noticeable.


To sum it all up, the Genji is a very strong frame, is easy to tune and gives an enjoyable flight experience. Whether you want to cruise or do highly technical freestyle, the Genji is a solid choice.


Please note: the Genji doesn’t come with a skin. Optional skins will be available shortly