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The TBS Yagi is the most versatile all-round 2.4GHz antenna. Ranges between 7 and 15km using the TBS 2.4GHz video transmission system, and very lightweight, compact and mobile. Its long, slim shape is awesome for mounting on a tripod and perfect for taking along on longer hikes.

The Yagi is hand-made by a german engineer with fine attention to detail. The build finish is exceptional and the resulting link and video quality is nothing short of phenomenal. You will notice a sharper, higher contrast picture compared to most antennas. This is Trappy's antenna of choice.


Gain: 11dB (13.2dBi)
Polarization: Linear  (Horizontal / Vertical)
Working Frequency:
2370MHz - 2510MHz
Vertical / Horizontal Beamwidth: 47 degrees
Antenna Length: 50cm
Cable length: 13cm
Elements: 10
Connector: SMA
Range with our Unify/Lawmate Video Tx/Rx set: approx. 10km