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Matek 5.8G 40CH 25/200/500mW (SMA) VTX-HV

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Sick of TBS Unify, and ImmersionRC Tramp VTX units being out of stock, or overpriced?  Well Matek have just released their latest VTX unit that can be conftrolled directly via betaflight, called the Matek VTX-HV.  This VTX is designed to be used in conjunction with the Matek F405 OSD, or F405 AIO flight controller and stacks ontop of them to give you a fully functions FPV racing stack.  This VTX unit itself is 40CH, and power switchable between 25, 200, 500mW.  Being a Matek product, VTX is that it have a full 1A 5V BEC output which is pleanty to power just about any FPV camerra (including the power hungry Runcam split)

The VTX unit includes a UFL pigtail connector which gives you flexibility to mount different cables, and SMA connector is included.  Just a note, please make sure to secure this connection properly before flying as  this is one of the weaknesses of this type of connector, see below for some mounting ideas.

Key Features

  • Connects directly to betaflight, letting you configure VTX power and channel via your radio at the field via OSD menus
  • BFOSD & LUA Script compatible
  • 40CH, power switchable between 25, 200, 500mW
  • Stackable with standard 30.5mm mounts
  • 7~27V(2~6S LiPo) power input support
  • 5V/1A BEC output or Camera or FC



  • Input voltage: 7~27V(2~6S LiPo)
  • 40 standard channels, A/B/E/F/R Band
  • Output Power: 25, 200, 500mW switchable
  • BEC Output: 5V/1A for Camera or FC
  • Traditional button+LED control of frequency and power
  • BFCMS (BFOSD & LUA Script) control via FC UART _TX
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Power Consumption: 3.1W Max. @ 500mW
  • Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Audio Subcarrier Frequency: 6.5 MHz
  • RF Connector: U.FL (IPEX)
  • Video Format: NTSC/PAL
  • Weight: 6g (Tx only, w/o SMA cable)
  • Size: 36*22*6.5mm w/30.5mm mounting


  • 5.8G Video transmitter
  • IPEX to SMA Female, RG178 cable 10cm
  • IPEX 5.8G whip antenna, RG178 10cm
  • PVC Heat-shrink tube