by Xhover

We are very excited to announce the Xhover WIN5L racing drone. We worked closely with our FPV racing pilots to design a frame they needed. We referenced the extremely popular Xhover WIN5 frame and from there decided to minimize the frame to accommodate a 20x20 stack, which we believe will be the standard for most FPV racing frames.

This frame features a built-in anti-vibration system in the main plate, reducing the amount of vibrations to the flight controller stack. The WIN5L also features a 3 hole 16x16 arm design to help keep it as light as possible.


This Frame was designed to support a 20x20 FC stack.


Weight: 60g

Size: Motor to Motor 200mm



4x Arms 5mm Chamfered
1x Top Plate 2mm Chamfered
1x Main Plate 2mm Chamfered
5x FC Soft mounts for Main Plate
1xBottom plate 1.5mm
1x3D printed Micro Cam mount Fits RunCam Micro and Foxeer Micro
1xHigh-Quality Steel Hardware
1x4x 28mm Standoffs
1x1 Battery Strap
6x Press nuts Pre-installed on the main plate