This awesome piece of technology will immediately set your quad apart from the others with the cool light show the Chroma is capable of creating. Compatible with virtually any LEDs, the Chroma LED Driver has 5 easy-to-configure modes and can control very long LED strips (up to 25 LEDs) on 9 different colors. If you have LEDs, or want them, this epic piece of technology and innovation is a must have.


  • Up to 4s input voltage
  • 9 Colors
  • 5 Different Modes + Off
  • 3.7g Driver Weight
  • Approximately 15g total system weight with LEDs
  • Supports 1-25 LED’s in Series and up to 50 in total
  • On-board push button for quick configuration

Includes: 1x Chroma LED Controller

This LED Controller is perfect to use with our LED Strips!


 Chroma LED Controller by KoreKoncept for Sale