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GemFan 2035BN 4-Blade Propellers (2 CCW + 2 CW)

by GemFan

The GemFan Prop is designed for high speed and excellent performance.  The design of the GemFan Prop takes flight speed, motor KV, prop RPM, and other features important to factor in the overall design of the Prop.  The data gathered plays an important part of the airfoil design and blade design.

  • 3 Hole Mounting
  • 2 x CCW
  • 2 x CW
  • Great Upgrade for the SPC Maker on 32
  • Works on any 1103, 1104, 1105 brushless motor.

Three Hole Mounting Specs

  • Center Hole : 1.5mm
  • Side Locking Hole: 2mm
  • Prop Pitch: 5mm