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Vanover Collection

Vanover Collection

To be a professional drone racer, you need to have fast reflexes on the sticks, be ready to fly every single day possible, breaking everything by the end of the day, staying up at night to fix everything, and repeating the process over and over again! You have to be able to immerse yourself in this sport, be up to date on all the latest new drone tech and of course spend a lot of time studying the competition to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Alex Vanover has paid his dues and put in the time, and now all the work has paid off. After his win in 2017 Alex has near perfected his skills on and off the track leading to a pilot that can capture stunning video from every angle imaginable while still being able to compete with the best.

Alex kicks off 2020 as the defending world champ, and the only rookie to ever earn the title of DRL Allianz World Champion. 

We are very happy Alex continues to be a part of the DRP family.