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Custom Drone Building

We at DRP take great pride in our building process which is why we are very excited to announce our new custom drone building department.  We can create anything from a tiny whoop to a heavy lifter for professional cinematography.  Having years of FPV drone building experience we have expanded into professional cinelifter drones as well. 

All of our drones are built on demand and not pre-built like many other retailers.  We at DRP like to talk to the customer and guide them in the right direction to get a feel for what they want to achieve with their drone. Currently there are 3 main types of FPV drones being built which are racing, freestyle and cinematic.  While they all are similar in how they are flown they are vastly different in building. We also feel the technology changes too often to have drones pre built sitting on the shelves.  

Our most recent builds:

Shendrones Thicc 2.0 Digital DJI octo X for Beautiful Destinations

This drone is currently flying the Mexican skies capturing epic footage for our friends at BD.


ImpulseRC Apex HD Flyduino Kiss for Mr. Tom Jauncey.

impulserc apex flyduino kiss t motor dji build for mr tom jauncey

 DRP FETtec Cinerat for Xizmo Media

drone racing parts cinerat fettec 6s ethix


To inquire about our custom build pricing call us at 877-FPV-Quad (378-7823) or send us a message via any one of our social media accounts.