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Fettec F7 FC 30x30 and 20x20 KISS Firmware Flight Controller

by FETtec

KISS FC firmware
- Dimensions 35x30mm without 30x30 corners
- 20x20mm (with breakable holes M2 to M3)
and 30x30mm hole distance useable (breakable 30x30mm corners)
- Prozessor F7 [DShot 2400, Oneshot, Onewire]
- Place for RX and VTX
- build-in real Pit-Mode for unify nano
- seperate onboard 5V BEC for VTX
- 4 signal and gnd pads in each corner
- 8 pin connector for solder free FETtec ESC connection


Pair it with the Fettec 4in1 Esc for a perfect match!

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