MIB 5" Frame Kit v2.1 - DRPFPV

by DroneRacingParts.com
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New version 2.1 now featuring fully chamfered carbon.

The MIB 5" is a premium 3k carbon fiber frame that is designed for use with 5″ propellors. It features a unique internal soft mounting system in the base plate for reducing vibrations to the flight controller stack. 


  1. 4x Chamfered Arms 4mm
  2. 1x Chamfered Base Plate 2mm 
  3. 1x Chamfered Top Plate 2mm
  4. 1x Carbon PDB Plate 2mm
  5. 2x Camera Plates 2mm 
  6. 8x M3 30mm Hex Standoffs
  7. 16x Purple M3x6 Frame Bolts
  8. 48x Purple M3x8 Motor Bolts 
  9. 8x Purple M3x10 PDB Bolts
  10. 5x FC Softmounts for Base Plate 
  11. 8x Zinc plated press nuts
  12. 4x M3 25mm Steel bolts. 
  13. 8x M3 Nylon Hex nuts
  14. 4x 6mm Black Nylon Spacers
  15. 4x 3mm Black Nylon Spacers
  16. 1x 3D Printed SMA Antenna Mount
  17. 4x Motor Soft Mounts Pads
  18. 4x Rotor Riot Kwad Skidz
  19. 4x DRP Silicone Back Battery Straps
  20. 1x Rotor Riot Ummagrip Battery Mat 


    100% Made in the USA

    Made In Brooklyn by DroneRacingParts!