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DRP M5 Warranty Information




The DRP M5 frame warranty covers carbon from bumper to bumper, however metal hardware parts and or other on-board electronics are not covered. 

The warranty is for life and for as long as our company is in operation. If it is broken, we will warranty it at no cost (Shipping cost not included).  We will not warranty it if you lose it, or if you can't prove it is in your possession.  


Create your Warranty Claim Sheet. This will be a blank sheet of paper with these 6 items written on it:

  • Full name
  • Today's date
  • DRP order number, OR include a copy of your reseller proof of purchase
  • Issue experienced.  Draw an arrow to point to the problem area(s)
  • Name of broken part(s)
  • Signature

You will use this sheet in steps 3 & 6.

2 Get your frame.  With the filled out sheet of paper beneath your quad, please take a picture of the damage.  Ensure this picture has the built quad in it.  We don't need to see the entire thing, but we'd like to see the carnage while everything is still together.  
3 Send this photo in an email to to submit your warranty claim.
4  At this point, you will be contacted by our Support team.  They may require you to submit more photos, or they may request to see proof of purchase (see important note below).

Once you have been informed that your warranty claim will be granted/fulfilled...

  • Find (or remake) your warranty claim sheet.
  • Scratch both sides of the damaged part(s) in an intentional manner (such as the date). *Please only do this after DRP has guaranteed that a warranty will be issued.  We'd hate for you to have to fly with scratched parts.
  • Photograph scratches on the top and the bottom sides of damaged part(s).  This will take 2 (or more) pictures to show the scratches on both sides of the part(s) and the list information. 
6 Once you have collected all three (or more) photos, please send them to in an email to finalize your warranty claim.  You will then get a confirmation and a coupon valid for the parts covered by your warranty.